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Our training offerings and Archie-M User Groups were interrupted first by COVID, then Bill's illness and passing, so there has been quite a gap.

We are now able to offer day training courses once more. Training is delivered by Hamish. For the time being I would strongly prefer to deliver in person. Group sizes will be limited to 10.


The following topics will be covered.

  • The part "analysis" plays in assessment
  • Construction of masonry bridges
  • Arch geometry, taking and validating dimensions
  • Basics of thrust analysis - what Archie is doing
  • Using Archie-M itself - inputs and graphical output
  • Loads, distribution, the effective strip
  • Working with numerical output from Archie-M
  • Multi-span bridges
  • Skew bridges
  • Service load behaviour and limit states

Please email to discuss pricing and any particular needs.


I found the training to be one of the best I have been on. It was extremely informative and the format and opportunity to ask questions to Hamish was really excellent. The content covering both background on the theory, history and construction of arch bridges combined with the practical demonstration of Archie-M and assessments was brilliant. Hopefully we will make this training a regular thing every few years to teach new people about this topic!
- Senior Engineer, Warwickshire County Council