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Archie-M Support

Several pages from the old site are redirected here. Check the Archie-M knowledge base Theory section for updated material about the engineering background of Archie-M.

Check the Archie-M knowledge base for help, it may provide a quick answer to your question.

The old Archie-M manual is available, and still relevant. The knowledge base has more up-to-date information on some topics. The manual will be updated soon.

Otherwise email, stating your company and office. It is always helpful if you can include a photograph or two of the bridge you are working with, a copy of your .brg file, and any custom loads you are using.

Please email first, but by all means follow up the email with a phone call to Hamish on +44 330 0532811.


See the training page and watch our news for information about training courses.


Obvis Ltd. provides support for Archie-M users. This can range from talking beginners through the way Archie-M works to advising on extracting and using Archie-M data to extend the value of the program.

If you are dealing with issues beyond those for which Archie-M was designed, or if your needs go beyond support in using the software, we will pass you on to our sister company Bill Harvey Associates Ltd. (BHAL), through which we can provide tailored consultancy.

BHAL offers a range of services for masonry structure owners, including high detail photogrammetric survey and special inspections, assessment of unusual structures, and diagnostic engineering.

The underlying thrust line calculation embedded in Archie-M is much more widely applicable. BHAL have built bespoke interactive tools, for example for examining the stability of masonry tunnels under varying loads. This approach can offer solutions where complex and expensive analysis cannot, with very large potential savings.

To discuss these services, use the contact details on the Bill Harvey Associates Ltd. web site.