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This is the first update to Archie-M for some time. It adds load files for CS454, revised SV load files, and a new set of railway loads, and makes several quality of life improvements.


  • Self service activation.
  • Executable and installer is code signed.
  • Autorun moved from Tools to Loads menu.
  • Autorun will run asymmetrical loads in both directions. Standard loads now include only one of a symmetrical pair. Strictly this is only necessary if the bridge is also symmetrical, but that check is more difficult and has not been implemented at this stage; all asymmetrical loads are run both ways regardless of bridge symmetry.
  • Update for CS454 (added loads, and updated labels in UI)
  • CS454/BD21 distribution mode is now default. Archie-M distribution mode should only be used in rare circumstances if checking old assessments.
  • Revised SV loads with explanatory note (further updated from those previously available from help website).
  • New railway loads, with both wheel and axle options, and full sets of RA1 to RA15 loads.
  • Text output includes backing information.
  • Various formatting fixes to text output.
  • Survey data for multipoint roads can be loaded from file.
  • Survey data (for multipoint road and true shape) can be in any common delimited text format (tab, comma, space, semicolon) and open file dialog allows listing files with any extension.
  • "Bridge" and "Lane" width now called "Available" and "Effective" width to better convey meaning.


  • Move load case list to end in text output to simplify use in excel. Now for a given bridge, all output will remain in the same cells as loads are added or removed.
  • Switch to https in site and update URLs in app to match.
  • Fix browser opening to use system default not IE.
  • “Move to position” in auto run results highlights selected row.
  • Ctrl-B opens modify backing dialogue as menu suggests.
  • All dialogs and text views now closed when a bridge is closed.
  • Main load folder is found in the application folder. Previously the working directory was used. Loads should now be found even if the working folder is not the installation folder.
  • MSI installer will upgrade and retain existing licence files in future. (Old licence files will not work with this version because the activation system has changed.)
  • Warning triggered by setting “Archie Multi” distribution mode. Prompt to change mode on loading a file with this setting.
  • In Autorun results, if thrust falls outside a pier it is marked “ADJUST” rather than “FAIL”.
  • High resolution displays are better handled.


  • Fixed issue with mortar loss in autorun report.
  • Empty warning dialogs should no longer be empty.
  • Available (formerly "Bridge") width and minimum effective width reported correctly in text output.
  • Negative ring thickness factor (ring thinner at springing than crown) caught and rejected. Brg files saved with springing thickness less than crown thickness will be updated with a user notification on load.
  • Adjust mortar loss tool will not allow 0 effective ring thickness, this would cause the programme to crash.
  • Overlay in curved (three point) road would be below road surface for concave road.
  • Adjust gamma fl dialog now initialised with current value of gamma fl.