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Our main product is Archie-M. It is a tool for analytical assessment of arch bridges and viaducts. It has tools to help engineers assess within the context of both Railway and Highway needs and though originally aimed at UK practice is also now accepted by UIC for use on international railways. We are in the process of producing a Multi Lingual version.

The latest version of Archie-M (as at Jan 2010) is 2.4. It has been tested on Vista and Win7 machines and works effectively. The base price is £2500. There are negotiable prices for multiple copies.

Maintenance and Support

We put a lot of work into both developing Archie-M and in supporting users. The flow of new versions is sometimes erratic, especially when, for example, a new version of Windows comes along and has to be supported. Version 2.3 never appeared in the end because by the time we had it working stably on Vista we were on to version 2.4. Support is provided entirely by Bill who is available by email or telephone (but please email details, including relevant files and data before hand) or by email.

The charge for maintenance and support is currently £400 per annum and begins 90 days after purchase. Without this income we will not be able to provide the continuing support demanded.

Manuals and Guides

The basic Archie-M manual is provided in both hard copy and electronic form with the software but hard copy versions can be provided separately.

There is also a set of lecture notes on assessing masonry bridges which is available for sale.


Training is provided by Bill Harvey through his consultancy business. The fee for a one day course (as of Jan 2010) is £2500. This includes the provision of course documentation but not expenses or a room for the course which is assumed to be provided by the client. One day courses have been run for Network Rail at 4 locations. A 2 day course was recently run for NIDRD and provided a slightly more relaxed pace and room for much more content including some time spent visiting bridges.

Some comments received from previous courses are presented below:

Replies to "Would you recommend this course to a colleague, and why?"

  • Yes, great course to gain information & knowledge on arch bridges
  • Remainder of our bridge inspection team should attend a course of this nature
  • Recommend course to gain greater understanding of masonry arch bridges how they were built, how they fail
  • Yes, thorough coverage of arch bridges
  • Yes, especially construction and assessment aspects
  • Yes, for greater appreciation of arch bridge construction and assessment and how relevant arch bridges remain to the maintenance of our transport network
  • Yes - to a colleague who carries out bridge assessments
  • Yes as working in HSU I'd thoroughly recommend this course, especially to a colleague dealing directly with arch design (ie a colleague of a higher grade)
  • Yes, as it identifies a lot of defects which would help them to fully assess what is occurring on structure
  • Yes, plenty of information and detail regarding a variety of topics
  • Yes, very good insight into failure mechanisms associated with arches and how to identify the various failure types
  • Yes, very informative, knowledgeable tutor. Explains exactly how the arches work and how they react to varying loads/thrusts. Also gives v good information on the problems/faults that can occur
  • Very informative in bridge construction and reasons for failure, assessment and repairs

Replies to request for general comments

  • Tutor was brilliant. Very easy to listen to and understand. Course perfect length Maybe should finish with site visit
  • I felt there could be much more in the way of solutions to problems with, masonry arch bridges eg, anchors, ties stitching.
  • It's hard to hear and take in much on bridge visits with so many people around
  • Perhaps more emphasis on repair techniques as often recommendations are expected as part of the assessment reporting process
  • May have liked site visits on both days. Extremely beneficial but somewhat daunting for a newcomer
  • Course length was good, all topics well covered
  • Go on site and take points with total station and use points in Archie program