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New BoMs and a word of warning


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August 2014


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New file


Seems that the demo uploaded was the wrong one. Sorry. now... [read more]

New Download + Bridge of the Month


DOWNLOAD Version standalone now available for... [read more]


The Demo of Archie-M

The demo pack includes the current version of Archie-M along with various associated files. There is a pdf copy of the manual and some other documents. This program will install on an individual PC or can be set up on a server where it will serve up to 5 concurrent users.

The first time you run the program you need to right click and choose "run as administrator". If you fail to do this you will get an error message.

Each time you run it will remind you it is a demo version and after 30 days it will lock you out until activated. Otherwise the program is fully functional and leaves no indication on output that it is not a commercial version.

Naturally, we regard commercial use of the demo, except as a path towards payment, as theft.

Academic users should contact bill@obvis.com to discuss licensing arrangements.

Archie-M download, works as demo and full version


The manual covers the basic operation of Archie-M from installation to running and interpreting output.


Course notes

There is a developing set of course-notes used on both one and two day courses. Even without Bill, they provide a useful introduction to the world of arch bridge assessment.

Course notes

Seminar Programme and bookings

For details of seminars contact Philip@obvis.com or subscribe to Bill's newsletter.